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Lightbox Studio

Head of Lightbox Studio

Avado is a people powered transformation partner creating tangible and measurable impact for people and organisations. We equip a diverse pool of UK talent with the skills they need to power both their own growth and that of their organisations.

As Head of Production, I formed a new sub-branded studio called 'Lightbox Studio' comprised of young Developers, Videographers, and Motion and Graphic Designers who had previously been working in silos. With the success of this union, the Studio developed the organisation's visual identity after going through two phases with an external agency. It went on to absorb marketing functions and members, giving us an influential voice and raising awareness of design maturity.

United in striving for excellence, we implemented design critiques which kept teamwork transparent, broadened our perspectives, surfaced team attributes and increased confidence in speaking publicly. We implemented the work management tool, Asana, to maintain our collaborative and transparent agenda. Its success saw our methodology exported to other reaches of the organisation and eventually became the official company-wide tool for work management.

To inspire other 'Avadians' to collaborate creatively and champion more design efforts outside of the Studio, we launched Lightbox Studio Awards. With record attendance and many technical firsts (sound design, award trophies, departmental sponsors), it significantly increased, Studio engagement, the annual volume of briefs and C-level sponsorship.


#creativedirection #artdirection #leadership #marketing #elearning #branding

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